Save Our Hospital Services



Saturday 22 October 11am onwards

See Red Day Guide

A one-sheet guide to the day that can be printed out.


See Red Day - What is Happening


Get together your red outfits and accessories if you can. Lots of bright red! Fancy dress costumes are welcome as well as regular clothes. Can you carry something bright red? What about a red shopping bag, red umbrella, red balloons, red streamers. For the more adventurous, you could try red hair or red face paint. Suitable products are available from fancy dress shops. We want people to see red! Remember outfits for any family members who will be with you. Don’t worry if you can’t wear red though, you will still be welcome.

Remember we are welcoming selfies of you or your group in your red outfits. We hope to start a gallery on our webpage and some will be on the Facebook page as well. Just email them to webmaster@sohs.org.uk. There are instructions on the website for uploading large files such as videos, or you can email as above and we will send instructions. Facebook posts can be made in the usual way. Please remember if sending us pictures you are giving us permission to put them on our website.

Just an aside for those who can’t join us. Remember you can still be part of our protest by wearing something red to work, even something discreet such as a red tie or socks for men, and a red scarf for ladies.


Be sure you leave plenty of time to park your car - if you are coming that way - and make your way to the start. For those arriving by bus, it is only a short walk from the bus station or you might be able to get off at Green Lanes Shopping Centre.


Please note that Mermaid Walk is the top part of Boutport Street, where it joins with the High Street, very close to the two roundabouts. It is incorrectly shown as Boutport Street on Google maps.


Click here for a printable map of car parks in Barnstaple

Click here for car park detail

There will be stewards at the start to help you. If there are very large numbers, arrangements have been made for overflow. Again, follow directions, please.

When the walk begins, please walk in file as directed, and do not bunch together. We are trying to create a red line, not a red bundle! It doesn’t matter if there is space between you and the person in front. The red line is symbolic of the line we draw against further health service cuts. Remember those implementing changes say there are no red lines. We hope that they will see the error of their claims.

Some points are slightly tricky. As the line makes its way through Barnstaple’s historic Pannier Market, it will have to thin to accommodate the narrow aisle. At the traffic lights marchers must only cross at the correct signal, and will be guided by stewards.

Please remember to conduct yourself in a responsible manner so we give a good impression to onlookers. Please do not block shoppers going about their business. And have fun!

At the Square short (short!) speeches will inform people of why we are protesting, interspersed with music and entertainment. Another feature is an information point, and informed SOHS members will be on hand to answer questions, give out literature and so on.

In the High Street there will be a soap box area, where speakers and entertainment will also take place.

Toilets are available nearby, and there are many places where you can buy food. Please feel free to stay as long as you like.

We hope you will have a great day, and thank you for supporting our campaign. Remember that images and reports will appear on the website and Facebook. Send all website contributions to webmaster@sohs.org.uk.

On Saturday 22 October, Barnstaple will see a massive demonstration of popular support for the SAVE OUR HOSPITAL SERVICES campaign. Make no mistake, this will be the biggest uprising of popular support that North Devon has seen since the original campaign to establish the North Devon District Hospital some 40 years ago!

There will be a Procession through the Town with groups from far and wide across the Northern Devon Healthcare area starting at 11.00am and progressing through the town to the Square. Shops and businesses along the route will be encouraged dress their windows in red using balloons, crepe paper and whatever their creative minds can come up with!

Face painting, red hair dyes and plenty of red clothes for sure are just a few ideas for people coming to support, and we hope that there will be lots of imaginative outfits. Anything and everything to challenge the concept that there are no red lines or restrictions to our healthcare. We say there are red lines! The NHS should be based on NEED not on contrived budgets!

At the Square there will be a stage and music with a medical theme. Don’t be surprised if you should get caught by some flashmob dancers — in red of course! The fun side of things will be interspersed with short speeches to inform everyone of the changes being presented to us and what we are doing to challenge these changes.

October 22nd will be a fun day of information, celebration and motivation. But it will also be a FUNDRAISER! This will enable us to do everything we need to do to preserve a FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL for Northern Devon.

Joining up

Meet at 11am at Mermaid Walk. Overflow arrangements have been made if the crowd is very large, and stewards will direct you.

If you are unable to join at 11am, you can join in events along the way.

Other things you can do

If you can't manage to join the "red line" then please consider wearing red items while you go shopping or go to work. It doesn't have to be a full outfit, just something to show you are supporting the campaign to save our health services.

We are inviting people to send in pictures or short videos, for example trying on an outfit before the event, or groups of you and your friends dressed in red. If you can't get to the main event, then take a selfie wherever you are on the day. You can send them to us using our contact details (see menu above) or you can upload them to our Facebook page.

Please remember to tell everyone you know about the event, and display posters and car stickers. If you're good at social media, then use that. We'd also like people to ring phone-ins on the local radio and tell them about the event, and how important it is to you.

If you have the skill to take a good quality video or photographs on the day, then please let us know, as we need some good material to go on the website and to be used to spread the word.

Sign up to our newsletter to make sure you keep up with everything, and visit our website regularly as new material is being added all the time.

This event is vitally important. Remember it affects you, your family, and your future.

Poster for See Red Day

Posters are available to view or print. Please print them out and display them as appropriate. The car stickers and the small handbills both print 2-up and will need cutting. If you don't have a guillotine or a trimmer, a sharp knife should do the job.

They should be printed in colour on white paper