Save Our Hospital Services

Ilfracombe See Red Day


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Saturday 15th October dawned fair but cold in Ilfracombe as the town prepared for its Seeing Red walk scheduled to start at 2pm and process along the High Street to the Tyrrell hospital. At 1pm the first few drops of rain fell so it was a quite a pleasant surprise to see how many people turned up to join in: estimates were somewhere between 100 and 200 people. There were red umbrellas, red shoes, red handbags, red coats, red hats and more on display as we wove our red line along the High Street. We were greeted with supporting toots from passing cars, and red balloons outside many shops. Some of the shops had really gone to town with red window displays. The rain got steadily more persistent as we walked but did not dampen the spirits of the participants who banged their drums and tambourines and joined in the chants. Once we had arrived at the Tyrrell we unrolled the familiar red ribbon to show our symbolic red line around hospital services. Thank you to all who turned out to show support for our campaign. Special thanks to Tim Lamerton for taking photographs for us – there are some crackers!