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News Redlines, 12 November

Includes a first look at the new STP plan and addresses the question, does Care in the Community work?

News Redlines
STP Plan November

The STP plan as published in November. It says very little definite about plans, although it runs to 50 pages.

Ricky Knight Concert Flyer

A flyer for the Ricky Knight concert at The Plough. Please print and display. The concert is a fund-raiser for SOHS.

Stitch Press Release

A press release concerning the Torrington campaign.

Press Release
Agenda 9 November

The Agenda for the meeting on 9 November.

Agenda here
Save Our Pharmacies

A petition which you are urged to sign. It is not just our hospitals under threat, pharmacies are also at risk.

Go here to our petitions page

STP Campaign Pack

A collection of documents designed to brief Councillors on the STP Plan

Campaign Pack
A Selection Of Documents From STITCH

An interesting collection of documents from the Torrington STITCH campaign

STITCH report on 6 month evaluation

Dept of Health IRP Torrington referral advice

Tucker Report Final Review of Evaluation

Boyd Report Health Well Being Scrutiny Cttee

Request to Email Councillors

This report was emailed to all those on the mailing list asking for urgent action to write to Councillors.

Collection of Documents

A zip file containing a collection of documents relating to our campaign. You will know if you need it. If you have any difficulties handling the zip file contact the webmaster.

E Devon Zip file
News Redlines 29 October

5 pages of news and articles

See Red Day, Barnstaple. Press Release

See the full words that summarise the day so aptly.

Press Release
SOHS Campaign Song

Sorry, it's just the words at the moment, but hey, they're good.

A lot of Interesting Documents

Continuing our theme of interesting documents we have several for you on these links.

Is the Government's 10 billion more than NHS leaders asked for?

Doctors low morale puts patients at risk-BBC News

The EGM of the North Devon CCG, 31 August 2016

Added 30 October

New Paypal Button Added

Although SOHS volunteers do not get paid for their work, and donate time and materials selflessly, there are still some things that require funding. Printing leaflets and posters is part of this, some being donated. Banners and other publicity materials must be paid for, and then there are "overheads" such as insurance, which is a legal requirement these days. Sometimes we are held back by a lack of funds, not being able to afford to produce the publicity needed. Would you consider making a small contribution? You can pay by Paypal, or you can use a credit or debit card for your gift. There is even an option to set up a standing (repeat) donation. The button is found on the home page (Click "home" on the menu). Thank you for considering supporting SOHS with your gift.

Agenda for 26 October

The Agenda for the meeting on Wednesday 26 October has been added. Please note the change of venue.

Agenda here
News Redlines 22 October

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Car Stickers
Three new designs of car stickers

Three new designs of car stickers. They can also be used in windows. They are designed for printing on A4, on white paper, and in colour. They print 2-up so each sheet needs cutting. If you don't have a guillotine or trimmer, use a sharp knife.

Download Sees Red Sticker
Download Maternity Sticker
Download Pain Sticker
Form document for printing.

Useful for collecting signatures and email addresses at events.

Download form
A lot of Interesting Documents

Part of Meeting notes detailing some of the proposed changes.

Letter from Jeremy Hunt to Cllr Richard Westlake

Letter to Dr Sarah Wollaston regarding NHS Procurement

NEW Devon: Your Future Consultation

Letter from NHS Providers to Dr Sarah Wollaston

DIY Public Meeting Kit

Ray has kindly put together a number of documents which will help other organisers put together plans for an event in their area. It would be great to see other towns and villages, estates and areas put on their own local version of the event. SOHS members will be able to help and advise, as well as providing speakers if required.

Blueprint for an SOHS Public Meeting

Information and question sheet

Explanation of the STP

Plan for a Meeting

Sample Poster

Ilfracombe See Red Day
See Red Day Ilfracombe

Some great photographs and a good video. Thanks to those contributing.

Use the menu above News - See Red Day Ilfracombe or click here

See Red Day Guide

A one-sheet guide to the day that can be printed out.

News Redlines 15 October

The newsletter is ready to view or download. To get it sooner than it appears on the website, subscribe to our mailing list.

News Redlines 8 October

The newsletter is ready to view or download. To get it sooner than it appears on the website, subscribe to our mailing list.

News Redlines 1 October

The newsletter is ready to view or download. To get it sooner than it appears on the website, subscribe to our mailing list.

Agenda for 5 October

The Agenda for the forthcoming meeting has been added.

Agenda here
Combe Martin Public Meeting

A local SOHS group has arranged a public meeting at Coombe Martin on 10 October at 8.00pm. You are invited to attend. Here is the link to the poster.

New Content
New additions to the website

A page has been added for See Red Day. It is available here. Additional content will be added as soon as possible. You can also get to the page from the menu by clicking on news and selecting the appropriate link.

An open letter to Dr Alison Diamond, Chief Executive of NDHT has been added here. It is also available from the downloads section. It has been signed by a number of doctors in the area, expressing their concerns over the safety of patients under proposed plans.

A document that attempts to clarify the complex STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan) has been added here. In a question and answer style, it gives easier-to-follow interpretation. It is also available from the downloads section.

A two-page leaflet produced by Health Campaigns Together is available here. It was produced as a briefing to MPs and the like and it refutes the arguments being put forward by the Success Regime.

A letter from Doctors in the North Devon Doctors' Forum to CCG. Download it here. This one is a bit slow to load.

A statement to the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee by Ruth can be found here

Minutes of an EGM of the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) can be found here. It contains questions and answers on bed closures amongst other things.

Cornwall Conference
Conference in Cornwall

Our friends in Cornwall have sent us details of a conference in Bodmin. Various speakers will address aspects of health care reform. It is likely to provide useful information for those interested in exploring the issues in greater depth.

News Redlines 24 September

The newsletter is ready to view or download. To get it sooner than it appears on the website, subscribe to our mailing list.

See Red Day Poster

The poster is now available on the link below. It is intended to print on either white or bright yellow paper in colour. Handbill size version is also available. This prints two up on an A4 sheet and will need cutting down the middle. The best way to do this (if you don't have a guillotine or paper trimmer) is to use a large sharp knife. Car Stickers have also been added, again 2-up. 2 designs. Finally, by request, a hi-res image version.

STP Report Analysis  

An analysis of the impact of the STP report can be found by clicking the button below. This breaks down the health cuts proposed for easier reading.

Analysis here
Newsletter Mid-September
Newsletter here
Letter to Jeremy Hunt MP

Brian Greenslade has written a letter to Jeremy Hunt MP and you can find a copy of it by clicking the button.

Letter here

Documents Added

Agenda for meeting on 21st September has been added here


Socialist Worker Report

A link to the Socialist Worker report about proposed STPs, Success Regime and SOHS in North Devon is given here.


Ted Talk video by Professor Allyson Pollock

This explains what is happening to the NHS since the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Link if video is not displaying correctly.


Cat's out of the bag!  

Leaked Copy of The Sustainability & Transformation Plan for Health Care in Devon

This report was being concealed from the public. It is a long and complex document that uses a lot of jargon, and in due course we will provide a list of the key points.

In essence, the proposal is to move certain health care away from local hospitals to "centres". The main hospital for North Devon, the NDDH, will not be considered a centre.

Emergency care will be centred on four acute hospital sites in Devon. (Presumably Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay and Barnstaple.) These will be the only places for emergency care. If you live at a distance, by the time an ambulance has come from some remote hub and the driven to the centre, the patient may well have died.

Stroke Care will be centred at "various (yet to be) specified sites".

Mums, you'll like this one! Maternity, paediatrics and neonatology will be centred at Plymouth, with Exeter as back up. Enjoy your journey!

A comprehensive specialist mental health service will be established at some unspecified location.

There will be a stronger focus on out of hospital self-care. This sounds very good, except that whilst it may work for minor issues, it is unlikely to work for any major health issues. No evidence has been presented that they could even deliver this. "Community Centred" is the buzz phrase. Watch out for these type of phrases as they are used to conceal very unacceptable proposals.

They claim that they have already achieved, " A growing awareness, understanding and acceptance of the need for change by the public and staff". They have given this a nice red tick in the report. The only reason they can make this claim is that they have kept the public in the dark, or are deceiving them by spin. Let's make them aware of just what we think and make them untick that box!

Report here Newspaper Report on above

News Stories in Approx. Date Order

Downloads of posters, newsletters and other materials are also available on the downloads page. (Use the link in menu above.)