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March in London, 4 March 2017

It's Our NHS

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London March - 4 March 2017
It's Our NHS

A strong contingent of SOHS Devon supporters joined thousands on the march to Parliament Square. The march was organised by Health Campaigns Together and was to draw attention to the desperate plight of the NHS which is on life support as it is being strangled to make way for profit-making concerns to take over.

First reports indicate that the crowd has been estimated at 250,000, although accurate figures are impossible.

People came from far and wide, from the north, the south, the east and the west. Some had made long and difficult journeys and must have started out in the early hours. It was heartening to see that ordinary people care so much.

The march was so long that the front contingent had arrived before the back of the march had left. Phillip spoke at the event, and the text is given elsewhere. Of course, there were many other speakers including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Although the march was supported well by the Labour party, there were people of many different political persuasions, joining together in an effort to protect our NHS. Jeremy Hunt was noticeably absent, as were our own local MPs. The medical profession was well represented, as were the unions, but the majority of people were ordinary people concerned about the future of health care. All ages were represented with some very young, and some older. There were complete families who had all decided to join in.

Marchers were imaginatively dressed, with a huge array of banners and posters on display. Perhaps my favourite was the one that said, “The Blood on my Hands Will Wash Off”. A message that TPTB need to take to heart. This fight is not about a few figures on paper, it is about real people and real lives.

The march is thought to be one of the biggest NHS rallies in history.