Save Our Hospital Services

Election 2017

The Pledge

The following pledge was sent to all candidates. If they have responded it will be recorded on the list of candidates.


Health services in North Devon must not be sacrificed to fund deficits elsewhere.

I am committed to work for the retention and development of a full range of services and healthcare facilities in North Devon, in particular at North Devon District Hospital and its satellite units, including services for mental health treatment and those specialist services that have been removed.

I want to see the restoration of community hospital beds, whether ‘temporarily closed’ or where the need has been identified, to meet accessible healthcare needs for the public of North Devon.

There must be adequate and fair funding for the NHS and social care in Devon and, if elected, I will vote accordingly whenever the opportunity arises.

It is our NHS and it should be free at the point of use, accessible and responsive to where people live. There must be recognition of the needs of isolated rural communities.

I pledge to support the provision of health and social care in North

The Candidates

The list of candidates for each ward is given here. The current party holding the office is shown in the the colour of the title of the ward.

Devon County Council Election 4 May 2017

The 2017 election winner is shown with their name highlightedin colour. Full results will be added shortly.

Barnstaple North ‡ 979 majority (was 287)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
GREENSLADE, Brian Carol 1759Liberal Democrats
HOARE, David William780The Conservative Party
KNIGHT, Ricky10 238Green Party
NORDEN, Andy 252UK Independence Party (UKIP)
TOMLINSON, Roy Ernest 304Labour Party

Barnstaple South ‡ 370 Majority (was 131)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
CHALMERS, David Nigel 1215Liberal Democrats
CHAMINGS, Matt 178Green Party
CROWTHER, Steve 228UK Independence Party (UKIP)
MATHEWS, John Vincent 1585The Conservative Party
OVEREND, Laurence 344Labour Party

Braunton Rural ‡ 260 majority (was 331)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
CANN, Mark Michael Robert  670Labour Party
CHUGG, Caroline Jean1479The Conservative Party
MCCONNELL, Rob 247UK Independence Party (UKIP)
SPEAR, Liz 1219Liberal Democrats

Chulmleigh and Landkey ‡ 965 majority (was 636)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
EDGELL, Richard Colin1849The Conservative Party
MASON, Marion Elizabeth 194Labour Party
PUTTIPAP, Lucie Catherine 200Green Party
WORDEN, David John 884Liberal Democrats

Combe Martin Rural ‡ 1716 majority (was 734)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
BELL, Oliver John Leslie 308Labour Party
CHIVERS, Kyle James290Green Party
DAVIS, Andrea Vivienne2278The Conservative Party
HAYWOOD, Sue 562Liberal Democrat
IRVING-BELL, Jon165UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Fremington Rural ‡ 1094 majority (was 622)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
ADNAMS HATCH, Julie Sheelagh 327Liberal Democrats
BIEDERMAN, Frank Lindsay 2202Independent
CANN, Rodney Sheridan 1108The Conservative Party
CRAWFORD, Ian  124Labour Party
DAVIES, Pauline Lesley101UK Independence Party (UKIP)
WEARNE, Phillip  76Green Party

Ilfracombe 351 majority

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
CRABB, Paul Edward 1173The Conservative Party
EBERT, Toby5  256Labour Party
EDMUNDS, Mike 704Independent
PEARSON, Netti7  822Green Party
ROBERTSON, Stuart 122UK Independence Party (UKIP)

South Molton Rural 1065 majority (was 486)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
BUSHELL, Matt 1152Liberal Democrats
HINCHLIFFE, Steven William6  277Labour Party
HORSNELL, Ian Derek Henry9  172Green Party
YABSLEY, Jeremy Owen † 2217The Conservative Party

Torridge District Area 4 May 2017

Bideford East 312 majority

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
BARNES Stephen78Not given
BRENTON David George3 626Labour and Co-operative Party
DOUGLAS-MANN Will 189Green Party
HELLYER Linda Joan 1938The Conservative Party
PENNINGTON Phil4  546Independent
ROBINSON Sam  444UK Independence Party (UKIP)
WOOTTON Robert Ivor8 311Liberal Democrats

Bideford West & Hartland 634 majority

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
BRENTON Anne3 509Labour Party
INCH Tony 1323The Conservative Party
JULIAN Robin11 589UK Independence Party (UKIP)
POTTS Stephen 556Liberal Democrats

Holsworthy Rural ‡ 2611 majority (was 364)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
GALE Vivian George 439Labour Party
JOHNSON Nigel Andrew536UK Independence Party (UKIP)
LEAVER Caroline Frances574Liberal Democrats
PARSONS Barry Michael3185The Conservative Party

Northam ‡ 1470 majority (was 141)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
BERRYMAN David 356Liberal Democrats
COATS Stan  468Labour Party
EASTMAN Andrew John2189The Conservative Party
HAMES Peter Graham 343Green Party
LEATHER Chris  719UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Torrington Rural ‡ 1003 majority (was 329)

Name of CandidateVotesDescription
AUVRAY Ray855Liberal Democrats
BOYD Andy 2369Not given
CRAIGIE James Andrew 678Labour and Co-operative Party
DARCH Roger  576UK Independence Party (UKIP)
FUNNELL Keith Stuart 260Green Party
SAYWELL Andrew 1858The Conservative Party

Further details can be found here

Colour Code

The Conservative Party

Green Party (UK)



Labour Co-operative

Liberal Democrats

UK Independence Party (UKIP)


 Signed "The Pledge"

† Previously elected

‡ No change of winning party

Narrative Responses

1Linda Hellyer says she is happy to support but not to sign the pledge.

2Andy Boyd says he is a supporter but will not sign the Pledge

3 David Brenton and Annie Brenton: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

4Phil Pennington: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

5Toby Ebert: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

6Steve Hinchcliffe: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

7Netti Pearson: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

8Robert Ivor Wootton: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

9Ian Horsnell: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

10Ricky Knight: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here

11Robin Julian: Made a narrative statement of support you can read here


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The Pledge

Questions for candidates who have signed the pledge

Questions for candidates who have not signed the pledge