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Report on Covid 19 in Devon

Health and hospital services in Devon were already run-down and over capacity when the COVID-19 crisis struck. Devon has had a relatively low rate of infections. Despite this, more people have undoubtedly contracted COVID than would have been the case if the Government had acted more promptly and according to the advice of public health experts. Local health, care and community workers responded heroically to the crisis. But they were hampered by centralised decision-making.

We offer urgent recommendations to ensure that Devon healthcare and hospital services are fit for purpose in the case of a second wave of COVID-19 infections, or a similar public health crisis in the future.

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Consultation Response Teignmouth Hospital

A response made on behalf of Hands Off Teignmouth Hospital and Save Our Hospital Services (Devon).

In this document, we show how the case for closing Teignmouth Hospital has been framed to support the desired outcome of NHS Devon CCG and refute each argument in the consultation document.

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Why we are Campaigning

Changes to health services in North Devon will affect us all and could serious jeopardise your health.

You can’t put a price on the value of good health. But some people think they can, and are ruthlessly slashing budgets. To them it is just a few figures on paper. In the real world it is paid for in human suffering and misery. The sick child that is refused expensive treatment. The elderly left to die on trolleys in hospital corridors. People with chronic debilitating illness left to suffer, because help costs too much.

That is why our campaign matters. If we succeed, it means that we will receive the standard of health care treatment that should be provided in a country such as ours. We will not be treated as just statistics on a piece of paper.

Will you join us, not because we ask, but because your health matters?

Don't let yourself become



Download or view a leaflet that gives a further information. There is a large high-quality file which may take a while to download and is suitable for printing, and a low res version recommended for viewing, but is of reduced quality. This 3-fold leaflet is also available in printed format and large quantities are available for distribution. Contact us to ask for a copy or multiple copies that you can distribute.

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These low-res images are available for use on social media and the like. If you want a better quality version then contact us.

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Some things you can do to help
Sign petitions
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Save North Devon District Hospital's Services.

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Stop North Devon District Hospital possible closures of essential services.

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Save our A & E, Baby Unit, and Stroke Department. North Devon District Hospital

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A & E, Maternity, Stroke services be maintained at the NDDH

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Establish an inquiry into Community and District Hospital Services in Devon

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